Take2IndieReview | February 1, 2019

LOCKE  is a visually captivating 30 minute Science Fiction film that is intriguing by story and special effects.

Directed by Joe Blodgett, the story revolves around Locke, who as a young boy (Ayden Herreid) always dreamed of the world beyond.¬† Locke’s yearning for adventure abruptly becomes his reality when one fateful night, his father mysteriously vanishes.¬† Twenty Years later, Locke longs for a way to be reunited with his father, and that desperation drives him past the edges of our world and into the beyond.

We meet Locke (Brian Bernys) at the opening of the film as a grown man.¬† He’s preparing to time travel.¬† Polaroid pictures on the wall show Locke as a young boy with his parents. The camera then takes you into the picture and back into his past.

Set design, sound design and special effects are mesmerizing.  The score throughout is perfect.  The use of color, especially blue, gives the film a rich flavor.  Cinematography (Matthew A. Nardone) is striking Рespecially in the way lighting is used.  This is a visually stunning film.

Locke’s journey is mysterious for him and the audience. Every discovery is made together.

The heart of the film is about never letting go of those we love.  The wish that we all could go back in time Рto change the course of our individual loss.

The beauty of the film’s message “gone doesn’t always mean gone” is something we ALL must hold onto.