"If even one person seeks sobriety after seeing her film – she has touched their life immeasurably..."
Take2IndieReview | February 10, 2019

Written and Produced by Marzy Hart (Jones), this short drama deals with a tough topic in under 9 minutes.  Directed, Produced and Edited by Stacey Maltin, the film opens up at a hard roof top party.  We meet Jones who is already relishing in the liquor.

A simple bike ride home turns into the catalyst to sobriety when Jones is too drunk to ride home and winds up blacking out in an alleyway.  The film brilliantly combines the AA meeting with Jones waking up to dripping water in the alley.

“It’s not a matter of if, when you’re going to want to drink” – “I don’t know who I am when I’m sober” – are two of the truest and most poignant lines in the film.

When Jones is seen running towards the end of the film, the filmmaker lets you inside her head, visually seeing how POWERFUL her craving to drink is and how real her struggle is to stay sober.¬† It’s a¬† moment in the film that is raw.

Marzy Hart shared a profoundly personal story of her own struggle with alcohol addiction.  In sharing her story through her film, she connects on the most human level to audiences.  She should be applauded.  If even one person seeks sobriety after seeing this film Рshe has touched their life immeasurably.