"When hope conquers despair..."
Take2IndieReview | February 23, 2019

Co-written and Directed by by Danish Filmmaker Anders Walter, HELIUM is a poignant OSCAR WINNING Short Film that tells the story of  Alfred (Pelle Falk Krusbaek), a terminally ill boy who is waiting to die.

Enzo (Casper Crump), is an offbeat hospital janitor who takes a liking to Alfred Рperhaps reminding Enzo of his brother who passed away as a young boy.  Enzo strikes up a heartwarming friendship and bond with Alfred Рthrough stories about Helium Рa magical fantasy world that represents Heaven.

Alfred’s Nurse (Marijana Jankovic) befriends Enzo and must decide if she will jeopardize her job at the hospital – to allow Enzo to see Alfred one last time.

A visually stunning film, the heart wrenching subject of a dying child is met head on with hope.

Helium is a magical place – and nothing to be afraid of.¬† When Alfred says he’ll miss his parents, Enzo beautifully shares that relatives that have gone before him – will meet him there.¬† Enzo’s stories are so vividly told to the young dying boy, it enables him to let go of fear – and imagine the beauty of where he is going.

This tender and beautifully acted film reminds us how precious compassion and hope is – for all of us.

This film is a gift to terminally ill children and their parents.  It takes a bleak sense of dread and turns it into love.

HELIUM makes you smile  Рinstead of cry Рwhen hope conquers despair.