"The life we’ve lived…is always bubbling at the surface..."
Take2IndieReview | March 2, 2019

Written and Directed by Bob Celli, FIGS FOR ITALO is an Award Winning short film that takes you back in time Рthrough the memory of an older woman named Dora (Ellinore Carrabba).

Dora is about to enjoy a family gathering at her home until a simple question from a journalist (Valerie Smaldone), about to interview her next door neighbor, takes Dora back to a life changing day in her past.

That day is September 10, 1943 in Dora’s hometown in the hills of Italy.¬† World War II is raging all over Europe.

We meet a young Dora (Francesca Procaccini) and her brother Italo (Claudio Brovedani Nuti), a handsome young man with a bright future ahead of him.  He is about to embark on a train ride to his destiny.  Dora sends him off with a simple token of fresh picked figs from the beautiful trees of Italy.  The figs are poignantly represented throughout the film.  They embrace happiness, tragedy and memory Рall in a subtly that is powerful.

Visually stunning, this film captivates from the opening shot and continues to mesmerize with Location, Cinematography (Ken Kotowski) and Score (Paul Schwartz).¬† Strong performances by all cast members – especially Dora’s neighbor, George Miller, played with great heart by John P. McGill.¬† His recollection of that day brings the audience into his world, opposite Dora’s world, on that fateful day.

FIGS FOR ITALO¬†reminds us all that the life we’ve lived…is always bubbling at the surface.

*Based on a true story