"This film explores wanting to be something more..."
Take2IndieReview | March 10, 2019

Written, Directed and Produced by Justine Bateman (Family Ties, Arrested Development), FIVE MINUTES tells the story of parents gathering at a progressive elementary school for a talking and listening exercise.

Significant others separate and switch partners to explore this exercise.¬† Tom (Rob Benedict) is first to be the “listener” to his partner Ann (Bre Blair).¬† True to real life, his concentration starts to drift with the mundane and his ears wander around the room to other storytellers.¬† When it comes his time to be heard he makes the stakes high to ensure attention is not lost – by creating a dramatic story for his partner to hear.

What makes this film witty and funny is how relatable it is to the average moments we experience day in and day out.  What if we want to sing from the rooftops to change things up?  What happens when we do?  Are we applauded, chastised or judged?

Based on a true story, and Bateman’s Directorial Debut, this comic gem stands out in the crowd.¬† Wonderful performances by the entire cast – especially Benedict and Blair.

The film explores wanting to be something more.¬† Tom says it best – “For like five minutes…somebody thought I was a complete bad ass”.