"This film takes you on a ride…you never saw coming..."
Take2IndieReview | March 30, 2019

Written by Richard Sainsbury and Directed by Greg Ash, MR. INVISIBLE is an Award Winning Short Film about a lonely old man who feels invisible to the world around him.  When he travels to the heart of London Рwe realize being unnoticed Рproves to be his greatest weapon.

The film opens with an old man (British screen legend Julian Glover), sitting in his robe, watching television.  The score (Nick Lloyd Webber) instantly sets the tone for the loneliness and isolation of the life of the character.  We realize, by the empty chair next to him, he has lost his wife.

Glover gives a tender portrayal of the elderly – often the forgotten.¬† His phone call with his son, along with a poignant scene where he’s asking for his salmon, tugs on the heartstrings.¬† He seems ignored by family and society.

What makes this film brilliant – is how fragile and stereotypical this character “seems” to be.¬† The explosive ending – not only takes you by surprise – it makes you realize how inaccurate our perceptions can be.

The film takes you on a ride…you never saw coming.