"Seeing the world through Eddie’s eyes…..."
Take2IndieReview | April 28, 2019

The film opens up with white haze hovering over a woman in bed.¬† Score sets the tone.¬† The woman’s head now rests on a man’s bare chest – listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat.¬† Meet Cassandra – played beautifully by Elisabeth Jamison.¬† The moment sharply changes to reality when that beating heart is that of another man.¬† Her beloved husband, Eddie, has died.¬† In a charming opening scene, we realize the man in bed has Eddie’s kidneys.

This Award Winning Short Film touches on loss, grief and moving on in a script filled with poignant dramatic and comedic scenes.¬† Cassandra’s husband has passed away in a freak accident.¬† Her husband signed the back of his driver’s license, being an organ donor, without ever mentioning it to¬† his wife.¬† All his body parts were immediately taken and given out to those in need.

Cassandra’s quest to connect with him, through these people, comes up unfulfilling time and time again.¬† Each meeting proves to be more disastrous than the last.¬† She doesn’t understand why he didn’t mention something so important to her.

One of the best scenes in the film is the conversation with her therapist.¬† “What I feel is his absence.¬† Like I’m a missing a limb or something.¬† What I mean is he’s always not there, all the time. Who are these people?¬† He could have told me.¬† Did he forget to tell me?”¬† ¬†The therapist is not seen – nor heard – revealing Cassandra’s pain and isolation.

The film taps into the difficult journey of grief and loss but it also touches on a territory unfamiliar to most.  When parts from our loved one are scattered among transplant patients Рwho do we see if we meet them?  Desperate to still have a piece of our loved one somewhere Рare we still able to see and feel them?

In a heartfelt scene – Jose Ramos gives Cassandra – and the audience the answer.