"We learn that true love happens…when we believe in ourselves..."
Take2IndieReview | May 3, 2019

Kenny has been scared all his life to stand up for what he thought was right.  That is until he meets Rosie.

Written, Directed and Starring Julius B. Kelly Рthis comedic story is about taking that ONE SHOT in life Рagainst all odds.

Kenny finally decides to ask the woman he is in love with out on a date – but there are a few things standing in his way – her boyfriend – and an armed robber.

This charming short film grabs your attention from the opening scene.¬† Kenny is giving himself a pep talk in the men’s room at the coffee shop where he and Rosie (Stacey Giambastiani) work.¬† The pulse of the score sets the tone of the film along with the music.¬† Kenny is now ready to profess his love.¬† Just when he is about to ask Rosie out, in comes an armed robber (Stan J. Adams).

Kenny’s friend (Sidiki Fofana) keeps putting him down and telling him to man-up.¬† The sensitivity that Kenny feels for Rosie is heartfelt.¬† It could have served the story well for Kenny to tell his friend that real men can be sensitive, shy and unsure.

The story is witty – including a standout performance by Adams.

The film has sharp changes that takes you in one direction Рthen brings you in another.  In under 10 minutes, the filmmaker takes the audience on an enjoyable ride.

We learn that true love happens…when we believe in ourselves…