"A lesson – in under 2 minutes..."
Take2IndieReview | July 6, 2019

T2IR Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

At its simplest level, Plushophilia is an intense love of stuffed animals Рalso called plushies.  Plushophilia is only a mental health disorder if the individual becomes obsessed Рto the point that it interferes with their ability to function socially.  The word can also mean a sexual attraction to stuffed animals.

Written and Starring C. Hope Belmont – and Directed by Mauricio Marces –¬†PLUSHOPHILIA is an Award Winning super short film (1:53).

The film takes place in a therapy session where a lonely middle-aged woman details her latest foray into the world of dating.¬† The film is a sneak peak into the patient’s life – explaining to her therapist who we never see (Helene Galek) – that she is depressed.

We learn the patient had a date with “a really nice guy”.¬† Things were going well til the date asked her if she had any hobbies.¬† Enter the patient’s plushies – Pony and Goat – who get upset if she leaves them at home.

The patient goes onto explain that Pony and Goat know their boundaries – and have promised not to watch if she and her date were to have sex.

Listed as a comedy, this film has much more of a dramatic tone.¬† The lovely portrayal of the patient by C. Hope Belmont was heartfelt.¬† Her connection to her “friends” was real.

This filmmaker gives an education to those of us who are unfamiliar with the word Plushophilia Рa lesson in under 2 minutes.  We also get a glimpse into what the story could be Рif given more time to tell it.

The patient asks the therapist – “You think I’ll ever have a boyfriend doc?” – in an emotional moment at the end of the film, it seems as if she already knows.