"The gift of seeing love and loss…through the eyes of a blind woman..."
Take2IndieReview | September 14, 2019

T2IR Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

A GHOST IN HER EYES¬†is an Award Winning short film that goes on a journey with Alex (Tom Procida) – who gets the gift of “seeing” love and loss through the eyes of a blind woman.¬† It mixes the past and the present with a simple, yet powerful message. Written, Directed, Produced and Starring Procida, the film opens up with the poignant sound of piano keys – playing a memory.

Alex is alone having an anniversary dinner when the phone rings with a call from his mother.  He confirms to his mother that he has, in fact, received the oil painting she sent him.  He promises to hang it that day and send her a picture.  Upon taking a Polaroid picture, Alex begins to hear animal noises in his apartment.  Realizing they are coming from the hanging picture, he cautiously approaches the oil painting, putting his ear against it.  With a flash of white light Рhe is taken back in time (1850) to the house in the picture.  He is greeted by Anna Mae (Karen Jagger) and Hank (Ven Scott).  They think, by the way he is dressed, that he must be in costume with the Shakespearean group of actors listed in the paper.

The heart of the movie begins here.  After taking a fall, Alex awakens to a blind woman named Lucy (Christia Madacsi) who is tending to him.  The film begins to take on a richer tone with intimate performances between the two actors.  Beautiful cinematography (Brandon Torres) adds to the richness of the story.

Madacsi’s performance as a blind woman – who has lost her child – is simply beautiful.¬† Procida’s performance is rich and palpable.¬† The two characters, although separated between the past and present, share the same painful grief for the loss of a loved one, loneliness – and the longing for love.

There is a sense that this filmmaker, through the magical passing of time in the oil painting, believes in miracles and second chances.

The arc of the film is when Alex realizes Lucy painted the oil painting given to him by his mother.¬† Another beautiful moment in the film is when Alex finds a doll and delivers it to Lucy.¬† The painful isolation that she explores in her bedroom is real.¬† Alex then begins playing the piano – something that he hasn’t done since his wife died.¬† In a breathtaking moment in the film, Lucy, with her hair down, blindfolds Alex – so he can see what she doesn’t see.

“Don’t be a ghost in your mother’s eyes” – Lucy says to Alex.¬† It is the beautiful sentiment of the film.¬† The ending is pitch perfect and gives us all the sense of hope that there are miracles and second chances.