"A show-stopping piece of action packed cinema..."
Take2IndieReview | October 8, 2019

T2IR Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Set in an alternate version of 1985, President Reagan has created a penal colony called “the Redlands” in a stretch of empty Arkansas wastelands.¬† The Redlands are for Communists, drug dealers and murderers, and no one dares enter – but for a price, hired mercenaries can locate and retrieve items there.¬† These deadly kamikazes are simply known as ‘WASTERS”.

Molotov Mitchell takes on many hats in his Award Winning Short Film.  He is Writer, Director, Actor, Editor and choreographs the sharp moves throughout the film.

The film opens with much promise.  From the opening credits, you feel the originality of this filmmaker.  Unfortunately, the ingredient he leaves out, the essential part to any great film, is the story.  There is none.  We see a glimpse of the possibility of a story at the end.

WASTERS is an action packed film which doesn’t let up – but it also doesn’t tie the audience to its characters – or the characters to each other.¬† You go on a journey – but not knowing why.¬† With all the other essential elements of this film in place – one wonders why story and plot line was not explored.

The two main characters Sawyer (Greer Mitchell) and Cole (Molotov Mitchell) enter the Redlands in search of a specific item.  If plot and story line was explored between these two main characters, it would have made for a better film.  The action and choreography are top notch.  The score, along with some great aerial shots from cinematographer Jason Hollowell, add to the story.  But without the heart of a story Рthe audience goes on an empty ride.  The film is action packed and, at times, feels repetitive.  There is never a real moment to land on the audience.

WASTERS features Krav Maga techiques choregraphed by U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Molotov Mitchell with stuntmen and women from Triangle Krav Maga and Atlas Krav Maga.

Mitchell creates a show-stopping piece of action packed cinema.¬† But if you’re looking for a real story to attach to it, this movie isn’t for you.