"A stunning piece of visual storytelling..."
Take2IndieReview | December 5, 2019

T2IR Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor РAleksa Ristovic Рopens up his film with a pulse and energy that makes the audience feel as if they are on a ride.  The gorgeous visuals in this film are stunning.

Filmed on the Maltese Islands, LOSINYOU is a visual journey.¬† The Cinematography and location takes your breath away.¬† Shots of an ‘angry’ ocean – is captivating.

The piece of the puzzle missing from this film is a solid story.

LOSINYOU is about a young female musician (Shannon McEvoy) who is seeking inspiration through her personal memories Рwhich are indirectly connected with the famous landmark that was destroyed in a terrible storm.  Inspiration is reflected through nostalgic moments of her love life.  These emotions will affect her in an attempt to create a beautiful song.

Moments in the film seem repetitive and slow moving.  The film opens with such momentum and movement Рthat when the transition happens to the beautiful, tranquil setting Рit feels like a completely different film.  There needs to be more to move the story forward.  Because of no dialogue in the film, it was replaced with heavy score Рwhich overpowered the film at times.

The female musician, boyfriend and mysterious painter – didn’t hold any depth in terms of relationship.¬† The characters journey seemed superficial – making it difficult for the audience to care.¬† What comes to mind is that this film might make a great music video.

In terms of Cinematagrophy, the film is top notch and should win awards.  Sound is also very well done.

Ristovic is somewhat new to the filmmaking scene – but he clearly shows in this piece – how visual a talent he truly is.