"To be a film…or not be a film…that is the question ..."
Take2IndieReview | January 6, 2020

T2IR Rating 1 out of 5 stars

MY MARINA is a 1 minute 49 second short film from Writer/Director/Narrator Anjeli Jana.¬† The film is about a woman unexpectedly finding her true heart’s desire where the harbor meets the heavens.

The two main characters are Jana and the Marina del Rey in California.  We never see Jana but we hear her raspy voice, along with a background soundtrack of STRANGER STAR, written and performed by Jana, as beautiful images of the Marina are displayed.

It’s hard to define MY MARINA as a film.¬† It feels more like a commercial for the Marina del Rey or an infomercial for a travel agency.

There was no plot or characters that an audience could get invested in.  No arch to the story.

What does stand out is that this filmmaker had an idea, and at the very basic level, put a visual to her voice with words.  It feels like it could be the opening to a more meaningful film.

Perhaps making MY MARINA into a short film of 10-20 minutes – where the story is scripted and developed with objectives, conflicts and a true arch – this could give the audience something to grab onto.

Anyone who attempts filmmaking, at any level, needs to be commended.¬† MY MARINA has the possibility of being the beginning of something so much more…