Take2IndieReview | January 10, 2020

T2IR 3 out of 5 stars

AS ONE is a feel good movie Рeven when the subject matter is about cancer.

Writer and lead actress, Tawny Sorensen, has come up with a charming and heartwarming short film that explores a newly married couple who  faces the unimaginable.

Mike (Nick Dillenburg) wants to run.¬† It’s been a life long dream of his.¬† He invites Jill (Tawny Sorensen) to join him in his passion and become his running partner.¬† Jill states that “the only time you’ll ever see me running is if there’s zombies behind me”.

Love changes Jill’s heart and she is soon hitting the pavement with Mike – until he falls ill during a regular run.

The Cinematography (Charlotte Dupre) tells the hearbreaking story of Jill’s loss – through poignant shots – and quiet moments – which is powerful.

Composer Ryan Marth adds emotion to the film.

Mike says at the beginning of the film “I wonder why this is a ring finger?” – referring to his wedding band.¬† Jill goes onto explain that “there’s a love vein that connects directly to the heart.”

Not long after, we see Mike tracing his ring finger up to his heart – while attached to an I.V.¬† It’s in these moments this filmmaker reminds us that life changes on a dime.

Heartfelt performances by both Sorensen and Dillenburg.¬† Dillenburg added a wonderful layer of charm to Mike which made him endearing.¬† Sorensen’s pain was an internal struggle which was beautiful to watch.

The rest of Jill’s journey has you rooting for her til the very end – and you feel Mike is rooting for her too.

This wonderful short film teaches us about love, loss and moving on – all in under 15 minutes.