"Surrounded by a world of loneliness and desperation..."
Take2IndieReview | January 29, 2020

T2IR Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Written, Directed and Starring Bob Celli, THE KEEPER is a mysterious drama about a lonely widow yearning for a romantic connection.  She meets that connection Рa collector of art Рat a speed dating event.

The film opens up with stunning visuals (Ken Kotowski) of New York City and a somber, yet beautiful score (Dave Anson) – that draws you into the story.

We meet Celeste (Betsy Adkins Johnson) in a poignant moment of self-examination of her physical self, her emotional loss, and the longing for someone no longer there.

Our introduction to Robert (Bob Celli) is done with mysterious shots that give a foreboding to a character we haven’t yet met.

We enter into a New York speed dating event where couples have a certain amount of time to make an impression – and hopefully a connection.

When time runs out and seat changes are made, Celeste takes a seat and asks Robert “is anyone home”?¬† He is stricken with the beautiful antique necklace Celeste is wearing – and with the beauty in front of him. A lovely exchange between the two characters follows and you feel their discovery of each other.¬† Yet, what they are looking for in each other, is vastly different.

Celli portrays Robert with a stillness that is unsettling.  He balances a simplicity for the character Рwhile giving a wonderful depth to his performance.  Johnson is a breath of fresh air as Celeste.  Her classic beauty and grounded performance keeps the audience invested in her throughout the film.

A predictable route with story-line happens Рbut only to veer the audience off course with an amazing twist.  The unexpected in a film is what makes for an unforgettable ride Рand THE KEEPER delivers.

Original Songs (Laura Peters) adds to the pulse of the film.  The color palette of the film is rich and adds tone and emotion.

Celli explores the world of loneliness and desperation in all of us – for our yearning to make a palpable connection.