About Us
Take2IndieReview is an EXCITING new site dedicated to short film filmmakers to have have their work REVIEWED!
Take2IndieReview is dedicated solely to the difficult art form of Short Film Storytelling.  Curated by Award Winning Filmmakers, Writers and Actors – our Passion for Short Films has led us to bringing together Fans and Filmmakers alike – giving both the opportunity to experience quality Filmmaking!
There is only a small amount of time to tell a captivating short story and engage your audience.  It has been said that Short Films are far harder to make than Feature Films.  You must express everything in a short amount of time and affect your audience with their journey.
Our opinions are Educated, Honest and Respectful to each Filmmaker who submits.  We realize the Heart and Soul that goes into telling YOUR story.
We look forward to Reviewing your Film and joining you on your Journey!
The Team at Take2IndieReview